Tablecloths / variety of Colours / Patterns

Choose from over 150+ colors and patterns to customize your Tablecloths of all linen, be it for your dining room, living room or your kitchen. With fabric stock of over 350+ rolls, you can rely on us to accommodate you for your special event or for your personalized venture.

Priority Services & Delivery

We offer priority and delivery services for the urgent requests ensuring you get your made to order products within 2 to 3 working days,using the most reputable courier services available such as UPS and FedEx. Our products are made in the UK and shipped to many destinations, including Europe and North America.

Made To Order

Create your bespoke tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and printed tablecloths to fit your requirements with our easy size guide calculator. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will gladly assist you.


Tablecloths by Direct Linen, is a versatile fabric fit for any occasion, our best-selling Spectra® Plain blends the smoothness known in cotton with the durability of 100% spun polyester. Spectra® Plain, the modern fabric with a classic feel, is the latest startling innovation in tablecloth technology.

Spectra® Plain tablecloths, napkins and table runners are made in any size and are available in a vast range of colors.

Other products are customization as shown by the made to measure calculators. To meet our orders and to maintain our reputation for fast delivery. we utilize our capacity from our two operational bases to stock thousands of meters of linen from a wide range of materials (plain and non-plain) in a generous selection of colors and shades. We offer several 100% Polyester table linen products which feel like cotton with the resilience of Polyester and stock hundreds of meters of Poly cotton and many sizes of cotton tablecloths and napkins.  Sample swatches are available on request which can be placed online or by email.

£1.20 exc. VAT (£1.44 inc. VAT)
£1.20 exc. VAT (£1.44 inc. VAT)
£26.00 exc. VAT (£31.20 inc. VAT)
£8.50 exc. VAT (£10.20 inc. VAT)
£0.55 exc. VAT (£0.66 inc. VAT)
£0.60 exc. VAT (£0.72 inc. VAT)
£1.40 exc. VAT (£1.68 inc. VAT)
£10.00 exc. VAT (£12.00 inc. VAT)
£40.00 exc. VAT (£48.00 inc. VAT)
£0.70 exc. VAT (£0.84 inc. VAT)